New with Product-Proof - Burned Woud - Shou-Sugi-Ban

With Product-Proof we are determined to start new innovations on woud: Burned Woud according the Japanese Art.
Visit our new website WoodProof  to read more about the Japanase art of the preservation and finishing of wood with fire!
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B52 Perfect Easy Polish Spray

Wax spray based on Nano Cosmetics for the interior and exterior of your vehicle.

B52 Polymer Wax

This wax is easy to apply. It cleans and protects the bodywork of your vehicle. With just 1 treatment, your car will be protected from environmental damage for 6 months.

Aqua-Proof Pro Stone

Moisture and oil repellent water-based product with an anti-graffiti operation.
€30,25 €25,62

Rubio Monocoat Sealer 707

Shou Sugi Ban gebrand hout behandelen met Rubio Monocoat Sealer 707
Equivale a €36,30 por 1 kg(s)