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Burnt Wood Protector PB600

The PB600 Burned Wood Protector impregnates, fixes and protects the charred surface of the wood obtained by burning. This protective product makes burnt wood, or Shou Sugi Ban, easy to handle, without leaving carbon traces on hands or clothing. It reinforces the surface carbon layer to protect it durably from bad weather (rain, wind, sun) outdoors and friction indoors, thus making it possible to retain the original black burnt appearance for a long time. Available in 1, 2, 5 or 10L.

Aceite de Yakisugi Tung

Fácil de aplicar en finas capas con brocha, trapo o rodillo. El aceite de tung protege naturalmente todo tipo de madera en interiores y exteriores. Recomiendo aceite de tung puro para uso en exteriores. Protección flexible y resistente. 100% natural.
Equivale a €18,00 por 1 liter(s)