New with Product-Proof - Burned Wood - Shou-Sugi-Ban - Yakisugi

At Product-Proof we are determined to start new innovations on wood: Burned Wood according the Japanese Art. Visit our new websites:
to read more about the Japanase art of the preservation and finishing of wood with fire!
Featured products

Yakisugi Douglas

Yakisugi Douglas length: 3050 mm width: 200 mm thickness: 20 mm
€46.00 €35.00

Yakisugi Accoya

Yakisugi Accoya length: 3050 mm width: 200 mm thickness: 20 mm
€46.00 €35.00

Yakisugi Larch

Shou Sugi Ban | different possibilities in burning, manipulations and finishing. Discover them here...
€46.00 €35.00

Yakisugi Thermowood Ash

The stated price is per running meter.

Yakisugi Tung Oil

Easy to apply in thin layers with a brush, cloth or roller. Tung Oil naturally protects all types of wood indoors and outdoors. I recommend pure Tung Oil for outdoor use. Flexible and resistant protection. 100% natural.
equates to €18.00 per 1 liter(s)

Aqua-Proof Pro Wood Basic

Aqua-Proof Pro Wood is a moisture and oil repellent water-based product . The wood is protected from encroachment of water penetration through rain and downpour, oil and pollution.
€17.50 €15.40

Rubio Monocoat Sealer 707 Mat

Treat Shou Sugi Ban burnt wood with Rubio Monocoat Sealer 707
equates to €30.00 per 1 kg(s)

Yakisugi Fix

No technical data sheet currently available. This product is used when the wood can come into contact with hands. The carbon layer is hardened so that it will crumble less quickly. In addition, a water-repellent effect will also be visible. This product is transparent and matte. This is also available in a more shiny finish.
€30.00 €25.00